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The Mark: The Satirical - Sartorial Project

A collaborative art project with Janaki Mistry, to questions the under representation of Women of Colour in the creative industry.

Laiqa Miriam co-creates a visual art project with Janaki Mistry, called "The Mark." Janaki is a British-Asian fine artist, whose practice is based up the self-realisation of being naïve to living in white dominated spaces. Her work is a reclaiming of identity by questioning societies structural beliefs and dismantling western norms and values.

The Mark, questions the institutional under representation of Women of Colour in the creative industry. We call into question the social and cultural discrimination that is being perpetuated by mainstream media. The artists re-appropriate the Eurocentric image of western fashion, by reimagining white models with deeply saturated skin. This is first analogously painted by Janaki in London, and then digitally painted by Laiqa in Paris.

This is both to satirise the whitewashing, and question the systemic tokenism of Women of Colour in the industry, by flipping the imagery used against us on its head. As well as, a means to mirror the racial plagiarism and labour exploitation Women of Colour typically experience in the luxury fashion supply chain too.

The journey these images take travels across literal and digital borders becomes representative of the fetishisation Women of Colour experience at every touchpoint of a garment's journey from field to hanger.

Visual Portfolio

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