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Inside Out: Visual Arts Exploration

A collection of artwork produced over five years, interlacing fashion, architecture and the visual arts.

Laiqa Miriam draws, paints and sculpts across a variety of artistic mediums that span five years of creative exploration. She pulls heavily from inspiration across the visual arts, in particular fine art, fashion and architecture.

The artistic projects detailed below explore three key themes:

  • Women's bodies and the fetishisation of female identities. Particular exploration draws from Laiqa's Kashmir heritage, and the relationship to visibility and concealment of female bodies.

  • Mythology & superstition and their connection to elemental nature. A hermeneutic investigation into how tradition, language and the natural environment become embedded into social identity.

  • Found objects, textures and materials that make up the tapestry of London's architecture. Reflections mapping distilled moments across the wide and diverse city.

Visual Portfolio

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