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Hi, I'm Laiqa.

I am a researcher, designer, facilitator, and trainee therapist.

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How can I help you?


Qualitative and best practice research to provide policymakers with pragmatic, action-led solutions to alleviate consumer-oriented problems that future-proof the organisation's strategic goals.


Clients include but are not limited to The Young Foundation, Barnardos, Tech Nation, Openreach, and Fremantle.

Community Research

Qualitative research that follows reflective, collective, and phenomenological inquiry into the experiences of marginalised communities. Grounded theory uses inductive reasoning to seek out and conceptualise the latent patterns that exist for social groups.

Clients include but are not limited to HSBC, Nike, and Unilever.


'Big picture' design thinking to analyse and address users needs through design and communication strategy. The aim is to innovate and adapt to future-proof brands, by making them both more accessible and competitively tailored to their audiences.

Clients include but are not limited to We Are Parable, Market Peckham, and The English Cricket Board. 


Creative design that prioritises and improves the representation of marginalised communities, through considered and nuanced visual storytelling. Work spans advert and social media campaigns, live events and brand identity development. 

Clients include but are not limited to The Museum of London, SOUL Fest, Gundi Studios, Chalayan, and Yogarise.


Commissioned participatory engagement with key stakeholders of a product, event, or programme. Facilitation is focused on identify strategic gaps, opportunity, and areas of innovative business development, drawing from qualitative interviews, workshops or focus groups.

Clients include but are not limited to Penguin Random House, IPA, The English Cricket Board [The 100], and GiffGaff.


Egalitarian involvement of the public in participating and influencing the design and development of decision-making. Facilitation centre's marginalised communities through engagement programmes, workshops, and live events. 

Clients include but are not limited to The Wellcome Trust, NHS,  Daryl & Co, and Mind.

Hello, I’m Laiqa Miriam.

I work at the intersection of visual arts, mental health, and social justice.

Much of my time is dedicated to making visual storytelling more inclusive, understanding intergenerational cycles, and creating impactful social change.

I work with communities on the ground, from a strategic bird’s eye view, or occasionally somewhere in between

these two perspectives.


My priority will always be to foster intercultural and accessible spaces that centre marginalised people first. Resident astrologer, fashionista, and trauma-specialist advocate. I use creativity and compassion to challenge not just technical barriers, but human ones.



What does my work typically look like?


Advisory Board Member for The Young Foundation

Overseeing the design and delivery of four research project strands to revitalise youth led civic engagement through a social change agenda.

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Brand Marketing Consultancy for We Are Parable

Undertaking UX design audit, social analytics deep dive, and marketing mapping to define brand voice and market share across the UK.

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Workshop Production for Penguin Random House

Leading workshop production, sourcing and organisation for strategic branding focus groups for Ibram X. Kendi's, Toni Morrison's books and more.

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Image by Amélie Mourichon


Insight Consultancy
for HSBC

Leading qualitative research to identify Gen Z market opportunity and financial micro-trends across India, Singapore and the UK.

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Creative Direction for The Museum of London

Project managing an inclusive advert and social media campaign that was voted PRweek's favourite Christmas advert of 2019.

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Creative Facilitation for The Wellcome Trust, UoM & Imperial

Developing a visual storytelling programme to stimulate the sharing of stories and exchange of perspectives in relation to a chronic respiratory illness. 

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What's said about my work?

Her extraordinarily developed “EQ”, openness, and willingness to take emotional risks combined with her visual and verbal skills present in a rare combination that makes Laiqa a uniquely successful communicator. She has never been afraid to persist in the face of adversity and is mature and disciplined, while gently assuming leadership roles.


She is thoughtful and considerate, and seeks other viewpoints in order to consolidate and further her understanding and abilities as well as those of others. Laiqa’s drive, rigour, and sense of humour—and most of all, her intelligence— will allow her to integrate quickly and assure professional success. It was a real pleasure to be able to work with Laiqa. I have the utmost confidence that Laiqa will continue to make significant contributions and increase the overall level of learning, community, and investment of the people she touches.

- Juliette Robbins, Art Director.

Thoughts, writing, and research...

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